19 Sep 2018

Diamonds, pearls and water-soluble embroideries creates a luxury star power

At the Dior Spring/Summer Show,


Maria Clara wore a dress like a starry sea, her perfect figure attracted everyone's attention when the dress shimmered in the light.



The starry dress of Dior is a stunning work, which shocked the entire fashion world.

After a year of precipitation ,this shining trend began to spread to areas other than custom fashion.

In the field of home design ,this bright luster like shining stars will bring a luxurious star style to the space .

How to introduce such resplendent elements in the design ?

The answer is to choose Dongli's new Delicia collection  to match the fabrics.


1.When see the diamonds and pearls, like looking at stars and overlooking the deep sea.



Such three braids using shiny Austrian diamonds matched with pearls form the bright luster like Dior's starry sky dress.



Choosing our tape as base fabric, using high temperature hot-drilling process and beading process to make diamonds and pearls attach to the based braid tightly.

We left 7cm width of each side for processing easily, and double presser foot sewing can be used.

To match the bright celebrity style, curtains should be matched with tiebacks , tassels and trimmings.

The price is not high, but you can see decorative effect immediately.


Tieback MB8053Y


Braided tieback ZBM8053


Tassel MK8053


2.The superior embroidery is as elegant as a custom fashion


These two wonderful water-soluble embroidery braids have a retro pattern , shows a three-dimensional impression like a relief.


Such main material with metallic yarns, looks shiny and glossy.


Delica, is a series products with  luxury fashion.

The designer hopes to show a sense of fashion that includes both modern and classical elegance.

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