21 Jan 2019

Both classical and modern——poetic dwelling for Chinese

Everyone has the Jiangnan in the heart.

Jiangnan, an amazing land, has been steeped into ancient and traditional culture along the south of Yangtze River for thousands of years, and almost satisfied with all the Chinese imagination of a better life and poetic dwelling.

Millions of families were living in Jinlin which also became the capital of the 6 Dynasties.

Melodious and graceful songs of birds come from far away. The floating wine in the wind and the quite villages sitting along the rivers and mountains make everything in so peace.

Stream running into green hills and the Jiangnan’s grass are still there even the autumn gone.

Jiangnan has the bamboo shadow under the moon, also has the bridge above the running water. She has the Kunqu opera to sing about the stories of the lovely boys and girls. She raises her people and embraces everybody in her warm arms.

From late Tang dynasty to Song dynasty and then Ming&Qing dynasties, only in Jiangnan, Chinese could pay more attention on life over politics, and learn an aesthetics which can be called Life Style.



1. Housetop and Bridge


White walls and black housetops are the typical marks of Jiangnan ancient town. All the architectures devote particular care to collect the water from 4 directions------big inclination of the roof will help the rain to gather and flow to the atrium.

When looking up at the sky surrounded by the eaves, the towering walls with the cornices raised at both ends. It outlines the beautiful Chinese cultural ink



How many bridges does Jiangnan have?

The Poet, Bai Juyi, said: The running rivers could reach to everywhere and many colorful guardrails could let us estimate it has over 390 bridges.

Jiangnan, rivers are her veins and bridges are her bones.

You stand on the bridge to enjoy the scenery while you are also become the view of others.



A raised roof, a small arched bridge are enough to outline the impression of Jiangnan. 
If you combine them together, what will it be ?



We further deduce and put this group of shapes into the products, the overlapping cornices and arch bridges, look like the shape of pavilions of Jiangnan, which was reflected in the water. We transfer the understanding and imagination of Jiangnan culture into tassel to show the typical Jiangnan sprit.




We also put the design on the tape through the embroidery the patterns on plain fabric, so that the fabric becomes stereoscopic and full, which is consistent with the Chinese style, and make it alive.



And also we can make the design more three-dimensional, such as making 2 tassel-tiebacks by painting wood for matching the furniture.  



The long design could match the living room and bed room which has higher space ,and the short one would match the bay window and sheer curtain.



This kind of deconstruction of Chinese tradition retains the dynamic and proportion, combined with the hardness and simplicity of modern style, endows the new Chinese style with fresh and lively charm.


2. Plum Blossom Window in Jiangnan

“Looking through the window and paint the plum blossom under the moonlight. The wind brings the smell of willow into bedroom.’’
During the spring and autumn, strolling along the different garden, the Plum blossom window will stir your bottom heart. With the plum blossom windows, the garden seems to have a smooth breath and aesthetic mood.



Every window and door has its own meaning. Plum blossom has a wonderful moral, such as “4 gentlemen in plants” has plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemums. “3 friends of winter” are pine, bamboo and plum blossom.
In Chinese style furniture, there are many interpretations of plum blossom windows, such as this mirror, like a window but a mirror, as the Jiangnan impression.




According to the pattern of plum blossom, we designed 2 tapes for match the curtains and pillow. Put the aesthetic cultural atmosphere of Jiangnan into Chinese style home furnishings through the combination with cloth art.




This tape uses appliqué embroidery, which make the plum blossom patterns got in multi-layers. 




This tape combines the plum blossom pattern and pane, traditional as well as fresh.


3. Palace Lantern in Jiangnan



Palace Lantern, started in Eastern Han Dynasty, flourished in Tang and Song Dynasties, has already become one of the symbols of Chinese traditional culture.
Palace Lantern in Jiangnan, only for the court of Southern Song Dynasty .It has been passed on thousands of years until now.




Just like the shape of palace lantern, regarding the round mould covering yarn as inside and spring gimp as the frame. We give it different colors to match the curtains.  Then it will show up the new Chinese Jiangnan style meanwhile young and fashionable rhythm. 



4. The colors of Jiangnan

Blue and white-----the classic color of Chinese porcelain.
Imperial yellow-----the color of Chinese royal only.
Red and black-----Clothes colors of Chinese first grade officers.
Black, white and gray---- The colors impression of white walls and black roof in Jiangnan Water Town.
Orange and grey------The representative colors of the new Chinese style..
Jiangnan Impression, the colors were added the modern ideas into the tradition design.



Beijing Vanke wukuangyuan,Guian mansion of country garden of Fuzhou, Spring breeze Ten miles of Dalian railway. More and more model rooms of Property developers have abandoned the western style and slowly return to the spiritual hometown of Chinese people.

Chinese decoration needs more elements began from Chinese culture to deduce the Oriental trend in this new time.

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