15 Mar 2019

Home Furnishings EXPO Shenzhen got a happy ending ,let's make an review

Shenzhen home textile exhibition successfully concluded, Dongli hands in a perfect answer with outstanding designs and stunning new products .


Let's recall these new products:

No doubt that Tie-dye is the hottest element in the fashion industry.

Tie-Dye Heritage series interpret the new Chinese fashion through tie-dying, ceramics and colorful glaze.


Many kinds of tassels meet the needs of small accessories in Chinese space.



Phoenix tail buckle, flower bud buckle, trefoil buckle, etc., such Chinese element are very popular in design when we add a button to introduce a new Chinese theme.

This time, we improved Knot Frog series to search more easily, on the other hand , styles were adjusted and more colors increased, also we launched new catalogues.



In such a younger age of consumption, cotton , linen and geometric patterns are extremely popular.

At the beginning of design, Woven Triangles collection pursues lower price, practicality and comfortable.




Concise triangles and warm colors stretched on cotton tape , soft to touch, and more suitable for thin fabrics.




This series includes two tiebacks and three braided tiebacks, all styles are simple and all-matched, the most important is that price is lower from USD1.5.



The charm of French has never been outdated. We add a tender pink to our collection Glamorous Queen, to easily capture the heart of hostess.



Each product has obvious “Dongli”characteristics, let's see the comments of the customers:

Each product from Dongli is the artwork.

The goods display of this year is very good, we should do the same in our own shops.

How good a sense of design !

We like the designs of Dongli with full of culture heritage.





A perfect sense of quality is expressed by designers from culture and colors.

Complete product series can meet the needs of various space styles.

This is the charm of Dongli's passementeries.

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