14 Nov 2018

You copied my appearance, but cannot imitate my advanced soul

With the launch of Dongli’s new online store, we’d like to retake some photos. Firstly, we choose all the tassels with one sample to studio.



Tiebacks, which means cords or bands used to tie curtains.


It is not expensive, however, will be as a good decoration.


During this period, we appreciated nearly 100 tiebacks again, and were surprised by our exquisite craftsmanship. Meanwhile, we sincerely understand some customer’s feedback----Your real products are much better than picture shows.



 Now, we wish to share you some popular designs at present.



01. Tieback of Brooklyn: TBM8045A

This is an original design from our designer Becky. She changed some details again and again, especially the mental shinning mold. Finally, her inspiration comes true.




02. Tiebacks can enhance the level on whole windows style

TB959(From Leather collection) is more and more hot-selling after its launched in 2015



The wax cord materials are used to create a fake leather effect, and intertwined into a thick rope with clear texture, matched up with matte metal connectors, finally, shows toughness and concise feeling.


It can be used with plain cotton and linen curtain fabrics, or clear texture fabrics, to add a high level detail to simple or light luxury homes.



If you feel the leather color is dull, you can change it with ZBM8029(in our Color Zone collection). Its pleasant colors calls for the revival of youth and vitality.



Or, you can change it with ZB919(in our Rong Rong collection), the lively pompons seems like with temperature.



03.The national trends return, cultural essence of the NEW CHINESE comes.

Integrating traditional elements into modern design, which meet Chinese life and aesthetics. MB8044AY which is in the Jiangnan Impression Collection, reflects this idea exactly.



Its flexible shape, extracts design elements from palace lanterns and Ma Tau Wall, presents traditional quintessence with span-new colors. Such leisurely artistic conception is more in line with the trends of national trends return.



Although it is only a tieback, however, it makes curtains with nice radian, not simply straight vertical showing. It is a finishing touch on style and quality, and makes attention focus here.  

When opening the curtain every morning, our tiebacks always bring your life with very high-level sense.


We tried our best to do the best goods, however, there are so many people copy our goods quickly.


Fake are always fake.

Our more than 20 years experience are precipitated in raw materials, designs, equipments, management system and personnel quality.

Through original designs, we wish to present you the best goods in trimmings line.


Counterfeiters can only copy our appearance through inferior raw materials and extensive production, how can they imitate our souls.



Such copied gimp on molds will be broken because they are lack of standard artworks.


Some designs, Dongli will use two gimps to express special gloss and exquisite, which will makes good showing effect on colors. But the copies did not care on such details, with only one gimp, and its color are much dim.


Every moment, you deserve good things.


If you wish to buy our goods, please contact with our sales only, there is no any other methods to get it.

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